The world through my lens

Everyone is a Photographer

Something magical happens when I take my camera out on my travels.  It’s a way of communicating in a land where I often don’t speak the same language.  As the screen lights up on the back of my camera, the children are automatically attracted, venturing closer to catch a glimpse of themselves.  Eventually the adults, a little more cautious, feel a little more at ease.  The longer I spend playing, the more casual the interactions, and of course the better the photographs  we capture of one another.  While most of my photographs are of the people I meet, I’m sure I could do an equally interesting collage of their photographs of me and my travel companions.  Reality is though, I’m not as photogenic as most of the beautiful people I’ve encountered around the world.

I hope you enjoy a view of the world through my lens, and that it inspires you to take some time to travel yourself.

7 Responses to “Everyone is a Photographer”

  1. Jyoti

    Amee, it was so.. lovely to look at your photographs!!
    It was revisiting India from the comfort of home!!

  2. Sinead

    Happy new year !!!! Best wishes for 2015. My phone died, most of my contacts are gone too so please forgive the very unorthodox way of sending new years greetings . HOPE your Xmas travels were wonderful x SRB

  3. Craig & Modupe

    Truly inspirational. Loved seeing the world through your lens…

  4. Nish. Chande

    Hope you are well Amee.
    As a keen amateur photographer myself, some beautifully captured images of landscapes, landmarks and especially people. Keep on shooting!
    Best wishes, Nish


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