Collecting memories not stuff

We are on a year long sabbatical – seeking new experiences and dear friends around the world.

California Spring 2021

One of the many unintended consequences of the lockdowns and travel restrictions has been to narrow our world to quite literally our neighbourhood. I feel richer for the community I had around my home in Los Altos, but as restrictions ease, I yearn to explore beyond. I get energized by new experiences, cultures and people. I want to give Amani (my daughter) the opportunity to learn the same. So we have shed our big assets, packed up the rest, and are planning to be away for a year. We are traveling not to escape the world, but rather for the world not to escape us.

My priorities for us during this adventure are simple:

*Spend quality time with friends and family from whom we’ve been separated
*Improve our language skills – particularly in Gujarati and French
*Learn (or remind myself) that the human experience varies so greatly around the world

At a time when many aren’t yet able or ready to travel, I hope that our adventures bring you some joy and hope. This journal is a private and easy way for us to keep in touch with friends and family. We will be thinking of you often and hope that through our regular blog entries you can be with us on our journey. All our blog entries can be found under the ‘Recent Posts’ tab. Sign up here to be notified of new posts and please email me for the password.

15 thoughts on “Collecting memories not stuff

  1. Happy travels ladies. As always you are an inspiration. Enjoy, experience and spread your goodness across the globe.

  2. Did you leave your heart in San Francisco? I love that pic of the two of you.
    I can’t wait to journey with you, so thank you for allowing me to come with you through your blog. I love it!

    1. What a great idea! Can’t wait to share your blog journey. Time will fly by making precious moments to share.

  3. I am looking forward to follow u two though your journey till u unite with us in Vancouver 💕 mom.

  4. You are so inspiring ! I love that you are not bound by convention and always looking out of the box! Enjoy each and every day in new surroundings and take the time to “stop and smell the roses “ along the way. … even travel can sometimes be hectic !

  5. Amani is going to tick off more countries visited than most adults by the end of the sabbatical. Keep the entries coming, it’s an enjoyable read.

  6. Super excited for you and this journey you are on with Amani. What an experience! Looking forward to hearing more!

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